This 3.5 hour class is jam packed with tons of information on how to use Affinity Designer V2 more effectively, and efficiently...

This class is broken down in to three sections, with bite sized lessons in each one. That way, you can easily navigate through the class, step away when you need to, and refer back to key tools in the future. Take a look below, at what you'll learn...

Part 1: The Creative Helpers

In the first part of class, I will introduce you to the tools I use to both create, and organize, my florals shapes. You will learn...

  • Multiple ways to Power Duplicate fills and strokes to quickly create floral shapes.

  • How Symbols can help you quickly create, and adjust multi petal florals, allowing you to create them in less time.

  • The difference between Groups, Destructive Joins and Compounds, and the pros and cons of each

  • How the Assets studio is not only a powerful tool to organize your complete floral shapes but can also help quickly build a library of floral, "parts," that you can combine in future illustrations and designs.

  • How to use the Style Picker tool to quickly copy color, fills, strokes, and more to multiple shapes and,

  • How to use the Contour Tool, to create unique shapes for your florals, or create an offset when you need to, "bulk up," your shapes.

Part 2: Creating the Florals

In this section, we'll begin building the flat base of our flower, leaf and vase shapes. You will learn...

  • How to use special control nodes, built in to Designer's built in shapes, to create beautiful floral shapes simply by dragging a series of nodes and

  • I'll also walk you through the basics of using Pressure Settings, as well as various pitfalls when using pressure settings and show you how to either avoid them, or fix them, when you can't.

  • How you can use those same pressure settings in multiples to add a hand drawn feel to the shapes you create with them.

  • We'll use what we learn about pressure settings to create beautiful, organic, flower, leaf and even vase shapes.

Part 3: Texture & Dimension

In the final section of class, we will take our flat shapes and add beautiful depth and dimension with gradients, warp and, of course, texture! You will learn...

  • How Warp Groups can be used singularly, or in multiples, to add a bit of, "wonkiness," to our too perfect shapes, giving them a more natural feel.

  • How to use both the Fill tool and the Vector Flood Fill tool to quickly add gradients and texture from the Stock studio, external folders, and the Assets studio.

  • How you can use built in, or imported, vector texture brushes to add an even more organic feel to your floral shapes and,

  • How to DRAW with single stroke textures using the Pen and Pencil tool

Take a peek at what you'll learn...

Click the play button and watch the course intro video.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Class!

    2. Downloads for Class

    1. Power Duplicate & the Transform Panel

    2. Working with Symbols

    3. Groups Layers and Boolean Operations

    4. Assets Panel

    5. The Appearance Panel

    6. The Style Picker

    7. The Contour Tool

    1. Creating Florals with Built in Shapes

    2. Basics of Stroke Pressure

    3. Leaves with Pressure Settings

    4. Avoiding or Fixing Issues with Pressure

    5. Creating Flowers with Pressure Settings

    1. Warp Groups

    2. Gradients with the Fill Tool

    3. Bitmap Textures with the Fill Tool

    4. Vector Flood Fill Tool

    5. Adding Texture with Vector Brushes

    6. Drawing with Textured Strokes

    1. Final Thoughts

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Take a deeper dive in to the world of vectors and texture in Affinity Designer V2

Join instructor Tracey Capone in class, and create your own, beautiful, textural floral assets for illustrations, surface pattern designs and graphic design projects.